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Each year RIBA Chartered Members are required to undertake 35 hours of Continuing Professional Development (CPD).




The City CPD Club is a course of seminars run by RIBA SW Office to cover the 10 Core Curriculum Topics required by the RIBA every year.  These take place over four days which comprise of 10 seminars.  Seminar days are spread throughout the year.


The programme is organised by Catherine Gandon, Project Manager: Skills & Business Development for the RIBA South West Region.




















This year's programme of events will be held at Epiphany House in Truro.





Thursday 21 March

Epiphany House, Truro

  • Your Essential Guide to Designer Duties

  • Business Planning

  • Project Management


Thursday 9 May

Epiphany House, Truro

  • Exploring Ethics in Pratice

  • Cost-Effective Sustainable Design Solutions



Thursday 12 September

Epiphany House, Truro

  • Plan of Work through the Conservation Lens

  • Implementing BIM for any size practice



Tuesday 19 November

Epiphany House, Truro

  • Fire Safety for Designers Post-Grenfell

  • Designing Inclusive Environments

  • Community Engagements





Being safe –health and safety

Climate –sustainable architecture

External management –clients, users and delivery of services

Internal management  -professionalism, practice, business and management

Compliance –legal, regulatory and statutory framework and processes

Procurement and contracts -

Designing and building it - structural design, construction, technology and engineering

Where people live –communities, urban and rural design and the planning process

Context –   the historic environment and its setting

Access for all –universal or inclusive design